The Conference

Culture, Intersectionality & Diversity
Vancouver, BC
July 28 - Aug 1, 2020

In 2016, when a keen group of WAVLI members brainstormed about a conference theme if we were to host CASLI 2020, we recognized that interpreters could really benefit from ongoing exploration of topics that stretch us to consider the complexities of individual and group identities, and how those complexities impact our work and our community of practice. 

Each one of us, each interpreter, each consumer, is a complicated human whose various identities (cultural, racial, sexual, gender, etc) intersect. Our intersectionalities affect how we are positioned in each socio-cultural-linguistic-political context; they relate to dimensions of power and privilege, to notions of allyship and representation. 

Whose voice is included or excluded? Whose vision is held up or disregarded? Where is there space to meet? Let’s consider these and other important questions in a spirit of openness, humility and collegiality. 

Let’s have a great conference in Vancouver! 

Proudly created by the CASLI 2020 Conference Planning Committee